Using Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin (Vitamin-B7) is one of the key nutrients used in hair growth products. If you have recently cut your hair, then read on to know more about the results you can expect with biotin capsule for hair growth.

Effects of Biotin on Hair Growth

Biotin is found in several foods like eggs and nuts in small amounts. When added to hair growth supplements, it stops hair thinning and therefore promotes growth. If you have a biotin deficiency, you will have thinning or discolored hair. Hair growth can be promoted naturally by eating foods rich in biotin or hair growth supplement with vitamin B7.

Another benefit of biotin is maintaining healthy hair and nails. It prevents them from becoming brittle which leads to breakages and dullness. In order to promote healthier and thicker hairline, take biotin together with other hair growth nutrients. Use biotin enriched shampoos, which are available on the market, to promote thick and full hair.

Amount of Biotin Needed for Fuller Hair

It is important to contact a professional medical practitioner before beginning to take any vitamin. However, the recommended amount is 240 mcg of biotin daily, and it can be combined with hair growth supplements as recommended by a clinical practitioner.

Very few side effects of oral biotin supplements have been reported for the recommended dosages. Cystic acne has been reported increasingly, especially after using biotin for the first few weeks. It is however expected to fade as the body adjusts to the added nutrients.

The evidence of hair growth after using Biotin has been proven scientifically and termed efficient. Biotin is very important for hair growth especially if used as part of hair growth supplement formula combined with zinc, Marine extracts, iron and vitamin C.

Myths and Facts about Biotin Hair Growth

Myth: Biotin Intake Alone Grows Hair Faster

Taking Biotin alone is not enough to promote growth and strengthening of hair. Your body cannot be manipulated. It has a single role, and it must be combined with other nutrients for efficiency. Ensure you supply the hair follicles with the necessary vitamins and minerals to get the perfect results.

Truth: Biotin is Used in Producing Hair

The biotin contribution in your body is to provide an important ingredient to aid in the hair growth process. Keratin, which is a protein that makes hair, contains amino acids, which form from biotin and enzyme reactions.

Myth: Biotin is Dangerous

It is not true that products containing Biotin are dangerous. If it is taken in overdose, it will be dangerous, like any other product. To be on the safe side, the supplements that you use should have the minimum daily required dose. This way you are only supplementing your diet.

Truth: Biotin is Found in Food

Biotin is found in most foods, and if you take a balanced diet, you will get enough of your daily requirements. Biotin is found in foods like almond, avocados, and eggs in varying amounts.

Therefore, to get the best results from biotin capsule for hair growth, combine it with recommended supplements and take a balanced diet.