Top Four Reasons Why Your Hair is Falling Out


It is a proven fact that men are more prone to hair loss compared to women. This is attributed to the male pattern baldness. However, this is not to say that women are exempted from being bald. It can be embarrassing and different factors lead to this condition such as a deficiency in vitamins or as a symptom of underlying health conditions which hair regrowth products in India could easily treat.

Before you go and find treatment for any type of baldness, the most important thing to do is to identify what causes the baldness. This is crucial as the treatment required will depend on the root cause of the problem. Here are a few reasons — both common and surprising — as to why someone could experience baldness.

1.Physical Stress

Physical stress caused by accidents or grave illnesses could be a potential threat to hair loss. Stress on the physique can trigger ‘telogen effluvium,’ a common type of baldness.

Note that the hair undergoes its own life cycle. It starts with the growth stage. Then, it goes to a long rest stage. And finally, it undergoes the shedding stage. When the body is experiencing stress, the hair cycle could go into some sort of a trauma or a shock that forces it to go straight to the shedding stage.

2.Over-Consumption of Vitamin A

Most medication or health supplements contain a high dosage of vitamin A. The recommended daily intake is only at 5,000 IU and a lot of health supplements could have a maximum of 10,000 IU of vitamin A. If you are not too careful with your supplements, you could put yourself in danger of losing your hair.

However, there is nothing to worry about as this problem can be easily solved. Hair growth will go back to normal when the levels of vitamin A in the body also go back to normal.

3.Under-Consumption of Protein

What happens when you are not eating enough protein is that the body will try to get protein from other sources. And, we all know very well that the hair follicles are rich in protein. When the body “steals” away protein from the hair, it could lead to devastating hair loss.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you include protein in your diet. Common sources of protein include meat, fish, and even eggs. Moreover, there are also vegan foods that can be a great source of protein too.

4.Emotional Stress

Unlike physical stress, emotional stress does not contribute to hair loss that much. However, it still can. When a person goes through severe emotional stress, they can trigger the hormones that are responsible for hair growth. So, it could worsen a problem that is already present.

Trying to reduce stress may not be a proven solution but there is nothing to lose either. Do more exercises or try talking with a counsellor to become calmer and more peaceful.

Hair loss can be a big problem when not attended quickly. There are a lot of hair regrowth products in India that can help with this condition before it gets too late.